Prevent Leaks With a New Roof

Schedule a roof replacement in San Antonio, TX

If you haven’t had any roofing work done on your home in a while, it’s probably time to call a roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX. You’ll likely need a new roof if your current one has sustained substantial damage or is past its prime.

When you call B & W Roofing and Construction LLC, we’ll:

  • Give you a free estimate on your project
  • Provide a thorough roof assessment
  • Discuss the details of your insurance coverage
  • Explore ridge vent options to regulate heat and moisture
  • Complete your roof replacement efficiently

We specialize in asphalt shingle roofing because of this material’s reliability and affordability. Contact us today to get a free roof replacement estimate in San Antonio, TX.

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5 signs you need a new roof

If you suspect you need a roof replacement, you probably do. Your roof will usually make it known when it needs to be replaced. If you notice your asphalt shingle roofing…

  • Is leaking into your attic
  • Has mold or mildew growth
  • Has streaky black marks
  • Is missing shingles or is cracking
  • Is over two decades old

… it’s time to consider a roof replacement. When you rely on B & W Roofing and Construction for the job, you can rest assured you’ll receive first-rate roof installation work and excellent customer service.

Call now to speak with an experienced roofing contractor about your job.